Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's About Time

Introducing a brand new way to sell: It's About Time

That's the name of our brand new way to sell your items. It's About Time. Why is it called that? Because we deduct a selling fee based on how long the item is in the store. This program is for people who are comfortable listing their own items on selling sites like Craigslist, NapervilleYardSales and eBay. Fees start as low as 5%!
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Kids Konsignment

Kids Konsignment is a new consignment program designed to help teach kids about recycling and saving money. It is for kids ages 8 - 18 and offers higher rates of payment. Combine with our referral rewards program and kids can also earn money in their account for sending in referrals! Call or ask in the store for more details.